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In short, what is Planga?

Planga is a web service for your platform or application. With our API and SDK's you can implement live chat between your end users to your app within minutes.

Instant Messaging

Your Users
Planga uses your system's user-accounts, so they don't have to re-register.
Planga is ready for thousands of users that are connected in real time.

Instant Integration

Only 5 minutes
is how long it takes to add Planga to your app
A couple of lines
is all it takes to add Planga. We do all the heavy lifting for you.
Highly Customizeable
Planga is simple to style, and easy to adapt to your app's liking!

Super Fair

Planga was built to treat your data with the utmost respect, and is fully GDPR-compliant.
You can host Planga yourself, or let us do it for you!

Spot Abuse, prevent Cyber Bullying.

Tag instances of bigotry, ad hominem attacks, sexual harassment. On-premise deployment. Compliance. Enterprise service bus. Packet signing. Proven in large enterprises.

Why use Planga?

You should focus on what's special in Your App , rather than spending weeks with re-inventing chat.

Chatting is done between the user's browser and our chat servers, so your system will not be overloaded with messages!

Furthermore, these features are planned in the near future:

Webhooks to be able to execute custom code whenever certain types of messages come in
Multi-tab chat interfaces
Attachment sharing
Location sharing
Custom emojis
Profile pictures in chat
Cyber bullying prevention
SPAM filtering