Note that Planga is currently in Beta. Some of these features are not entirely finished yet. Your help and feedback is greatly appreciated!

Super-simple integration

For many programming languages and web-frameworks, we provide integration-libraries that can be installed through the package-management solution of that language, which makes it very simple and easy to get started. Setting up basic chatting will only take a couple of minutes, at most!

Even if for your language of choice there is no library yet, it is still very simple to integrate with Planga, because there's only very little code happening on your server.


It is possible to configure webhooks that will be called whenever new chat messages are sent. You can also set up filters, if you are only interested in certain messages.

This can be used to create chat-bots, advanced analytics, and to further integrate the chat service with what your application provides.

Webhook-functionality is only provided for paid subscriptions. But nothing is stopping you, if you run the open-source version of Planga yourself, you can just integrate with your application directly, of course.

Lovely Documentation

We take clear documentation very seriously. Planga is Open-Source, and if something is missing or unclear, please file a bug on our GitHub source code repository.

Open Source & First Class Support

We're there for you: The Planga Chat Service is completely Open-Source, so you can check out what is going on yourself, and make sure that the high programming standards we claim to adhere to are really true.

And if you have questions or problems, you are able to reach us in the open on GitHub, or privately, directly through e-mail.

API Key management

API-key management is not only very simple in Planga, but also a lot of effort has been placed on security: You can have multiple sets of API-keys at the same time, and suspend or re-instate them at will.

Highly Customizable

How planga looks is completely customizable by writing your own CSS, so Planga's chat interface will look completely part of your application.

Furthermore, who and how talks with one-another is completely customizable: You can have private chats, global channels, a channel that only people who have reviewed a product in your webshop can use, et cetera. This is done by giving you complete flexibility of how a user is identified, as well as how a channel is identified.